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Friday, August 19, 2011

Cultivating Bravery

"A man with inner courage dares to live."
— Lao Tzu

As a spiritual warrior, one dares to live. One dares to live with authenticity in a manner which enables courageously facing life's constant change and perpetual motion or flow.

Chogyam Trungpa defined Bravery as:
“The act of both personally and socially manifesting”

–Chogyam Trungpa

One might want to sit with this, contemplate this and note any observations you see within in regards to this definition and your life.

How do you wish to live?

What is your Vision?

When living your Vision becomes your Intention you will be presented with many opportunities to choose or Allow it to manifest. Being present enough to notice these and act spontaneously with inner courage exemplifies the spiritual warrior concept of abruptness. We can define this interpretation of Abruptness as the ability to act suddenly, and a willingness to leap bravely beyond our habituated patterns.

The ability to shift from habituated mind to awakening to the present moment takes us from living passively with indecision and fear to pro-actively or co-creatively through authenticity and clarity.

This ability to shift is something we as spiritual warriors can cultivate and is aligned with our intention to live life with bravery, forward into the future with vision in continuity with our character and life goals.

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