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Saturday, August 22, 2009

. . . something as simple as the breath . . .

Be mindful of the breath.

We breathe in that which trees breathe out,
and they in turn breathe in that which we breathe out;
a circular system of mutual interdependence.

So this breath can be seen as a subconscious,
or if you prefer, an instinctual way of serving Life,
at a level beneath conscious awareness.

This part of us which is so simple, so automatic
and so seemingly non-impacting on the world
is actually pre-serving the whole cycle of Life
by which Life Itself is allowed to sustain itself.

This breath which we all share,
which all things share,
is the One Breath.

Humanity's new challenge
is to re-member this part of themselves,
that we are All, and that this One Breath,
this Holy Breath (as Jesus would have said),
this Holy Spirit (as the Greeks and Romans translated it)
can be seen as the Spirit of Life Itself
by which we are all united.

And that in this renewed awareness of unity,
this new way of seeing, of understanding,
this new belief by which to base our actions upon,
we can consciously begin to cultivate habits, or a "Way of Life"
which will serve Life and in time become as simple as,
as subconscious as,
as automatic,
as instinctual
and life pre-serving as our breath.