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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Contemplating Change as the Flow of Life

A friend reminded me this morning about how we tend to try to grasp or clutch at things, and that we need to learn to recognize when we are doing this and instead, let go. Allow. Open the hand of thought and allow it to flow, to breath, instead of attempting to attaching our selves to it. Like water, one cannot attach things to the flow of life; it carries things, and we carry it, but one cannot affix anything to it.

In meditating on the Tao of life, one can see it much like water. Life wants to flow. Energy, love, abundance, emotions, thoughts, all flowing through us.

Trying to hold onto the flow of life is like grasping at water. One cannot grasp water, it must be cupped gently, held softly. To hold it even for a short time we must embody it. We are conduits of the flow of our lives, the self transforming, shifting shape as a vessel for it to flow through.

Breathe, relax.
Be serene, the eye of the storm.

Change is not easy, it is often uncomfortable when we fear we are loosing our grip, losing control. One must always be mindful of the flow, of change, that it is necessary for our lives to change so that we can grow and progress. We can take refuge in this, knowing that it is merely form shifting to accommodate energy. Form will shift for life is constantly transforming to facilitate the flow. Life is expanding, increasing in scope and experience. Life is a verb, it is a becoming. All life seeks a fullness of expression.

We can ease our grip and let go of the ideas we have of the past form. Instead we can choose to allow the new form to take shape. There is a peace that can be found within this change, this shift. While form shifts, there is always this center of inner stillness, this original peace which is there buried under the millions of thoughts we pile atop it each day. It is this place of peace we should inhabit, base all of our comings and goings from there.

Interacting with others from this place of inner stillness, it is easy to be kind and compassionate, understanding. For it seems that all of us have a storm of our own, and yet on closer examination it is the same storm, it is the storm of life, the ever changing and transforming nature of form.

The universe is constantly in flux, it is in constant motion. It is not stagnant, it is not stable, it is active and alive. It is life, and we are all in this together.
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In dwelling, be close to the land.
In meditation, go deep in the heart.
In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.
In speech, be true.
In ruling, be just.
In business, be competent.
In action, watch the timing.

~Tao Te Ching, Vs. 8

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